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Lirra is a tobacco from Turkey based on Virginia tobacco leaf, with American flavors. The fortress is below average, at the level of Adalia.

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ALPHA is a very rich berry mix. Blueberries and blackberries are felt, slightly sour.
KIWI – bright taste of kiwi, amazingly complements any fruit mix.
RED GUMMY BEAR – gummy bears, sweet, but chemical.
CARAMEL – the taste of caramel, a godsend for mixologists! Smoking is not fun in solo, but collecting cakes or cocktails can be delicious.
SOURS – orange, apple, tangerine and watermelon. Ready mix for the lazy. It smokes very brightly, but I would suggest adding mint or cold.
YELLOW STAR – mango and passion fruit. Classic mix, delicious. It turns out exactly what you expect – a sweet, tropical taste.
ENJOY – citrus mix, lemon is strongly felt. Overall, the mix is ​​pleasant. You can add cola flavor to it.
BLUE MIST is a classic. Blueberries and mint. By itself, everyone is tired of the mix, but you can mix it with tropical fruits and get good combinations.
BELLA CIAO – tastes like apple candy. Sour and slightly refreshing. I still didn’t understand what to mix it well with. Sometimes you can smoke in solo.
SCHNOZZ BERRY – a mix of banana and blackberry. A sweet combination that must be diluted with supernova. Then you get a refreshing fruity combination.
EXOTIC TIME – fragrant fruit mix, banana is strongly felt. The flavor goes well with a solo.
PINK LADY – raspberry and ice cream. A creamy flavor that can be turned into a variety of yogurt and cocktail mixes well.
777 is another fruity mix of kiwi, strawberry, peach and passionfruit. It should be noted that LIRRA’s fruit mixes are particularly successful. A pleasant, ready-made mix that you can smoke for a long time.
PINEAPPLE ICE – bright pineapple flavor with ice
CITRUS – citrus mix of grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime
LYCHEE – classic lychee flavor
BUBBLE GUM – the flavor of chewing gum
CHAI LATTE – taste of tea latte
LEMON – classic lemon flavor
MANGO ICE – ice mango flavor
JUICY MELON – the taste of freshly squeezed melon juice
PINEAPPLE – bright pineapple flavor
DRAGON FRUIT – Pitaya fruit flavor
RASPBERRY – bright raspberry flavor
PEACH – intense peach flavor
ACAI – acai berry flavor
CANDY ICE – the taste of lollipops with a chill
WATERMELON – intense taste of watermelon
MANGO – classic mango flavor
SWEET MANGO ICE – sweet mango flavor with ice
SWEET MINT – sweet mint flavor
GRAPE – classic grape flavor
CHOCOLATE MINT – chocolate with mint flavor
LEMON CAKE – lemon cheesecake flavor
JUNGLE – a bright mix of chocolate, sweet mint and blueberries
SECRET – fruity mix of peach, melon, raspberry and lime
CRIMSON LOTUS – ice cream with raspberry flavor
STRAWBERRY ICE – bright strawberry flavor with ice
CITRUS MOJITO – classic citrus mojito flavor
CRUSH BOMB – nuclear cold taste with peach
BERRY CREAM – ice cream with blueberry flavor
ICE SHOT – the taste of ice
BANANA – classic banana flavor
BLUEBERRY ICE – Iced Blueberry flavor
GREEN APPLE – classic green apple flavor
PINEKEE – a mix of pineapple and kiwi with ice
POMEGRANATE – classic pomegranate flavor
888 – fruit mix of kiwi, green mango and strawberry
MANGORANGE – mix of mango and orange with ice
TANGERINE – classic sweet mandarin flavor
DOUBLE MELON ICE – mix of watermelon and melon with ice
HORCATA – classic horchata flavor
PINEKEE ICE – mix of pineapple and kiwi with ice
PAIN KILLER – a bright mix of lemon and chocolate
WATERMELON ICE – rich taste of watermelon with ice
MELON – classic melon flavor
APPLE MINT ICE – Iced apple flavor
CITRUS MARACUJA – a bright mix of passionfruit and citrus fruits
LOST – mix of exotic fruits with ice
PINK SHINE – delicate raspberry and orange flavor
BLUEBERRY – classic blueberry flavor
SUMMER – summer mix of watermelon, mango and passion fruit
MINT – classic flavor with mint
MINT ICE – classic ice mint flavor
BERRY TANGERINE – mix of raspberries and tangerines with ice
FAKHFAKHINA – you have not tried such fakhfakhin
LOVE – fruit and berry mix with mint
BALLON D’OR – mix of strawberries and melons with ice
BLACKBERRY – classic blackberry flavor
BLUE COOKIE – the taste of blueberry cookies
STRAWBERRY – classic strawberry flavor
DOUBLE MELON – mix of watermelon and melon
USA – mix of lemon, lime and orange
CRAZY SHOT – mix of exotic fruits
NANA CHILL – Strawberry and Banana Flavor with Iced
GOOD VIBES ONLY – berry mix
2020 – mix of raspberries, peaches and blueberries
CRAZY LEMON – invigorating and sweet lemon flavor
BACHO – mix of pineapple, passionfruit and mango
BLUE COCO – mix of coconut and blueberries
KEEP CALM – mix of passionfruit, mango and berries


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